The Little Canvas That Could

Written by James C.J.

May 29, 2019

May 29, 2019

A long time ago, four years ago to be exact, the idea behind Blank Canvas became a reality. We set out to do things that seemed impossible. We were, and still are, wild and passionate dreamers fighting for our place in an industry we love.

Back in 2015, we launched as Blank Canvas Productions, it was under this umbrella name that we would be producers of some special creations. The history behind this company isn’t particularly long as it is winding. We were once a company that dreamt of doing any and everything. From theatre, to music, films and more. At the start of our journey we were inexperienced, unfocused and driven by the wrong things. Blank Canvas Productions started out with four people and over the years that number decreased, increased, decreased and increased once more. We produced three theatre shows that premiered to moderate varied success. 2017 saw the final stage show that we produced and also the final thing Blank Canvas Productions would ever create.

2019, March

Blank Canvas Productions is dissolved in favor of rebranding entirely and starting a new as Blank Canvas Pictures. The idea was to almost start fresh. We weren’t running away from the failures and mistakes we had made before but realized that while we still had ambitious goals, they had completely shifted mediums. We’d now been branded a theatre company but theatre is something that we were leaving behind, we were left with a choice. The choice made us decide to erase the work we’d done already entirely and instead focus on film and TV.

Blank Canvas Pictures, is the culmination of three artist devoted to expression, anybody’s expression. Art is subjective, while some might like it, some might not. We are creating our art that we want to share with the world. The change to pictures is because while we believe in the same things we did when we started this company in 2015 as productions, we have grown up, become more focused and lost the things that put us in a box and defined us as a theatre production company.

I still stand, by the original motto I created in 2015;

‘The canvas is empty, the possibilities are endless’

We stand by this motto now, more than ever.



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