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‘Sometimes the words spill out onto the page because the story is begging to be told.’



Two beautiful children, a wonderful husband, Maria has it all. Through the cracks, however, the truth is painfully obvious. Suppressing her pain is something she is all too familiar with. Sometimes reality catches up with you, however.

Maria attempts to fight through her pain to try be there for her family. One family dinner takes a turn for the worst leaving all the cards on the table, for everyone to see. Some monsters are hard to ignore once their mask is off.


I’d Rather Die

Six people are left to work on their group assignment together in their school library. They struggle to get any work done together, finding their different personalities working against each other. Their work is interrupted when they hear a noise right before the lights go out.

They contemplate if this was a horror movie… who would die first? Movie buff Chris says it would be him, considering he is the only member of color amongst them all. Aubrey and Lorain argue that two of them will die in order to be the final girl. Brent, a good-looking jock, believes he can save them all from danger. Mara constantly is overlooked by them all and Kenneth is a typical stereotype. 

They set off to uncover the reason for the noise and find themselves living the worst, and possibly last, night of their lives.