Far From Expected: A Logo Story

Written by James C.J.

May 29, 2019

May 29, 2019

So back in 2015, when the company was first started, I asked a friend of a family member to help create a logo for us. I didn’t know what I wanted, other than for it to be free of charge. All I can say is, you get what you pay for.

At the time I was sent five options, of which two I loved. One a banner, which in hindsight was awful quality (I know, shocker) and second a picture of two people dancing and an umbrella protecting them from multicoloured rain. Since that day, our logo was born. Now interestingly enough, that picture was pulled right from the internet and altered ever so slightly which I found out last year.

Now over the years, those wonderful dancers have been used everywhere. I loved them, they represented everything that BCP had become. How? I have no bloody clue. These two important figures were our logo, but I struggled to motivate the reasoning.

In March, when we decided to relaunch, we chose to update the dated logo (that wasn’t even ours) and make it our own (literally). We went and sought out the professional help of a freelancer on FIVER. So this was an experience, to say the least. We’d never used it before, and it was a first. We made the mistake of hiring someone cheap (once again get what you pay for) and upon hiring them realized their English wasn’t brilliant and communication was difficult. We made it easy. We sent a picture of the people with detailed notes.

Now we waited. On our side, we were done and waiting for the results. We were excited but extremely nervous.

Come some hours later we receive the completed file. We were shocked.

We sat laughing, forever. Why? It’s so bad it deserved a laugh however we soon had to get a refund and hire somebody new.

While we had bad luck the first time, we decided to just put in the work and do it ourselves. Sometimes shortcuts don’t really work out in your favor. We had a wonderful new logo with the changes made and looking stylish. It was a small victory but considering the age of the previous logo and the realization as to how awful it was, this was a wonderful way to welcome the company into a new light.



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