About Us

‘Without passion; art, like life, has no meaning.’

Blank Canvas Pictures

Established 2019

Blank Canvas Pictures aims to provide a new and unique voice to young artists. We aim to grow and tell stories unique to people and their cultures, ethnicities, class, race, sexual orientation and identities. We seek to create a community of filmmakers that are creative, passionate and innovative. To provide audiences with films that they can connect and fall in love with.


Founded by James C. J., Dylan Jooste & Rio Segal. Blank Canvas Pictures is the culmination of three artistic voices wanting to create a unified voice. They aim to create art that pushes boundaries and working endlessly to improve along the way. They keep in mind the idea of consistent innovation and adapting to technology and the ever-changing social and political landscape.

Our Mission


Our mission is to create opportunities for the artist and to continuously work for them. BCP is dedicated to artists and their vision using all available resources to take their idea from pre-production all the way to release.

James C. J.


Back in 2015, James C.J. realized his calling. He always suspected it was the arts, mainly, film. He spent the next three years writing six plays, of which three were produced by him; It’s Not Your Fault, Love? both in 2016 and Saving Grace staged in 2017 (which he also directed). He spent 2018 studying and now has fully dedicated himself to film, pioneering the Canvas Community.

Dylan Jooste


Dylan Jooste got his first taste for the arts in 2016 when he did lighting and sound for It’s Not Your Fault. One taste of show business and he was hooked. His many years of business experience as well as financial research and work in photography/videography he remains an integral asset to the Blank Canvas model.

Rio Segal


Rio Segal has been a player in the stage and film scene for many years as a successful actress. Having performed in numerous stage shows (including ‘It’s Not Your Fault’), music videos, short films and movies she found moderate success as an actress. In 2018 she found another passion, Cinematography and Grading. Her skilled approach to filmmaking, gives her a strong sense of identity as an artist.